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Available Services

Standard Video Package


 Music only | This tour is a 2-7 minute “walk through” of a property. This is a more detailed, in-depth tour, presented with background music. Tours highlight standout features of the home, such as upscale pantries, high-end appliances, hardwood floor designs, moldings, hardware, columns, water features, etc. Perfect for an average-sized home or luxury property.

*Houses 4,000-7,999 sq ft +$100

MatterPort 3D Home Tours

$249+10% SqFt

Matterport Showcase goes far beyond your standard 360 tour. It’s the most realistic, immersive way to experience a property online and enables viewers to feel like they’re really there.

Premium Video Package


Narrated with Music | 2-7 minute “walk through” of a property. This is a more detailed, in-depth tour, presented with background music and a full, scripted standard narration creating a mood and ‘feel’ for the property.

Aerial footage is included if deemed advantageous to the marketing of the property.  Local weather conditions at the time of the shoot, safety concerns, and proximity to airports are additional factors that determine whether or not we are able to fly.

*Houses 4,000-7,999 sq ft +$100

Full Home Video Tour

This is an in depth, detailed, tour of the property in which the agent will be hosting the walk through! Recommended towards the high end properties you would like to show off to the world! This will be an up to 10 minute video marketed towards the ultra-wealthy looking for their new “humble abode.”

Instagram Reels


Instagram Reels aren’t just for Gen Z, or wannabe social media stars. If you’re using Instagram to market your real estate business, Instagram Reels are for you, too. Here’s why real estate agents should consider making Instagram Reels a part of their Instagram marketing strategy:


Still photos of your property, depending on the size of your home. We will take as many photos as necessary to cover the home and allow you a choice of what to use for your listing.

Up to 1000 sq ft: $125.00

1001-2000 sq ft: $150.00

2001-3000 sq ft: $200.00

3001-4000 sq ft: $250.00

4001-5000 sq ft: $300.00

5001-6000 sq ft: $350.00

6000 or larger $400.00+


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